Around Plaka

Plaka is one of Europe’s oldest neighborhoods, having a history dating back over 3.500 years. Its lovely ambiance is scattered all around the small lanes, old ruins, Byzantine temples, and reconstructed neoclassical buildings, which are all located beneath the Acropolis.

A place near Plaka, is the Roman Agora, which is located on the north side of the Acropolis, east of the old Athenian Agora, which was built between 19 and 11 A.D. to honor the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. It was the city’s initial commercial district, with a big open plaza encircled by columns. The Roman Agora, like most of Athens’ monuments, has been altered over time by additions from dominating cultures and religions.

The most beautiful part of Plaka is  Anafiotika. Anafiotika is a little neighborhood that you wouldn’t expect to find beneath the Acropolis’ dominant holy rock. The modest white buildings and their colorful gardens are set against a verdant backdrop to create a stunning landscape. The settlement of Anafiotika, which resembles a small Aegean island in the heart of historical Athens, was founded in the 19th century by builders who came from the islands to work on the reconstruction of the city of Athens and the construction of the palace of Otto and chose to build their houses under the Acropolis in the Cycladic style, which reminded them of their homeland. Anafiotika is a great place for you to have a rest, as you can choose one of the cozy coffee places & restaurants to spend some time and enjoy beautiful moments!